Genius sues Google for stealing lyrics and seeking $50 million in damages

Lyrics site Genius recently filed a lawsuit against Google, saying it continues to deliberately copy its lyrics and use them in search results, according tomedia. Genius also said Google acted against competition and ordered $50 million in damages from Google and its partners. Google says the lyrics in its search results come from its partners.

Genius sues Google for stealing lyrics and seeking $50 million in damages

Earlier this year, Genius pointed out that in some cases, Google used the lyrics from its website, and the company did so with a clever watermarking scheme. Now, Genius has sued Google and its lyricpartner, LyricFind, in court for violating their terms of service.

Genius is understood to have filed the lawsuit in Brooklyn, New York, on December 3, local time. The company said Google’s actions not only violated its terms of service agreements, but also profited from the business and databases it had spent a decade and tens of millions of dollars on, and that it involved unfair competition.

In addition to the financial losses, Genius also said it had the power to issue a permanent injunction against LyricFind, “prohibiting the continued theft of content from Genius’s website, including the licensing of that content to third parties such as Google.” “

In practice, however, Genius does not have a copyright notice because it does not own the lyrics. Both Genius and Google have permission to publish lyrics by music publishers, making the lawsuit even more difficult, with more focus on how Google and its partners get the lyrics. A recent court ruling found that web crawling is not illegal in itself, but that it is still common for websites to contain provisions of service that prohibit scrawled data. But if both parties have permission to display content, Google’s display of copied lyrics may not be technically illegal.

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