GE ‘s new washing machine line :introduces UltraFresh system: effective removal of bacteria and odors

How do I get rid of the unpleasant smell inside the drum washing machine? GE Appliances plans to introduce UltraFresh in future washing machine models, claiming to keep the inside of the drum washing machine clean and odor-free. According to GE Appliances, the UltraFresh system runs independently, which means you don’t have to open the washing machine door or do any special wipes or scrubs.

(Pictured) GE roller washing machine line introduces UltraFresh system: effective removal of bacteria and odors

For roller washing machines, mold, odor and other problems will occur after long periods of use. To prevent water, dirt and detergent from spilling onto the floor, their buckets are sealed by rubber washers. At each laundry, excess water is spent in these rubber pads, and if it takes too long, the water will promote mold and bacteria. This in turn causes a foul odor inside the device. In the past, brands such as Whirlpool, Kenmore, Maytag and LG have all experienced this problem.

The main purpose of GE’s UltraFresh system is to remove excess moisture to the maximum extent possible, and the ventilation system draws fresh air from the outside. It loops there inside the drum and sucks away the water still lurking in the rollers, washers and doors. The internal components of GE UltraFresh washing machines also feature specially treated surfaces: gaskets, rollers and detergent dispensing pumps all have Microban technology, which GE Appliances says will further reduce the appearance of microorganisms and odors.

GE UltraFresh washing machine price

GFW550/GFD555: $899, $999

GFW650/GFD65: $1,099, $1,199

GFW850/GFD85: $1,199, $1,299

GE Electric said it expects all UltraFresh washing machines to be shipped in the spring of 2020, with some models due to go on sale as early as this month

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