HIV vaccine could be available by 2021

Media reported that while great progress has been made in the treatment of people living with HIV over the past few decades, the vaccine against the spread of the virus seems to have been the holy grail beyond the reach of scientists. But that could soon change, as researchers are steadily advancing trials of the AIDS vaccine, which show incredible potential.

HIV vaccine could be available by 2021


Scientists have developed three potential HIV vaccines, which are still being tested, NBC News reported. These drugs look promising, and if things continue at the current rate, the HIV vaccine could be available from 2021.

It’s worth noting that HIV isn’t just a kung fu pony, it has multiple subtypes around the world, so different vaccines designed for one or more variants are critical to waging a war against the disease. One of the three HIV vaccines currently under trial was developed specifically for an HIV subtype that had destroyed parts of South Africa, while the other two were designed for multiple HIV variants.

It is clear that the management of these vaccines is very critical and requires multiple injections during a series of doctor visits. These trials are helping health officials better understand how quickly drugs prevent HIV transmission, and can also reveal differences in the effectiveness of drugs between different populations.

Finally, researchers studying the vaccine also hope to learn more about the virus’s response to these drugs.

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