Crackdown on phishing and similar domain name abuse Facebook sues two hosting services

In a lawsuit filed Monday in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Facebook accused online hosting providers OnlineNIC and ID Shield of trademark infringement and domain name grabbing. In the lawsuit, FB alleges that the two vendors have been hosting sites such as and, which have become tools for hacking Facebook users and phishing.

[图]打击网络钓鱼和相似域名滥用 Facebook起诉两家托管服务商

In the lawsuit, Facebook has previously sent several deletion requests to the two defendant sons, saying they infringe the company’s trademarks. Facebook said it had sent at least five notifications to ID Shield to reveal the owners behind sites such as But the two companies have never responded.

The two companies host at least 20 similar sites, many of which are suspected of illegal activity on Facebook and Instagram. Domain names include and

The two companies also host a number of URL addresses that look like official Facebook and Instagram, such as one with the URL “”, and the page is designed to be exactly the same as Facebook’s login page.

Facebook is seeking $100,000 in damages for each domain name, totalling at least $2 million. “We are expected to protect the integrity of our apps and services,” a Facebook spokesman said in a statement. We do not tolerate the creation of URLs associated with our app family. Today’s lawsuit shows that we will take action against users of this abuse. “

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