Qualcomm CEO on 5G Development: Competing and Partnering with Huawei

Qualcomm CEO Steve Molenkov said in a recent interview that while there are claims that Huawei and Qualcomm are highly competitive in the 5G sector, the two companies are not mutually exclusive and that Huawei and Qualcomm need to work together to grow 5G, according to Bloomberg. The moderator asked, “5G is mutually exclusive, either the United States or Europe or China win, do you see this kind of mutually exclusive competition?” “

Qualcomm CEO on 5G Development: Competing and Partnering with Huawei

Steve Molenkov responded, “I don’t think what people say is exclusion, and if it does, it’s dangerous for everyone.” There is an interesting argument that Qualcomm and Huawei are competitive, but if Huawei and Qualcomm don’t work together, there will be no 5G international standard, and separation is not good for either of us, so it won’t happen. We do have pk in some areas, such as market share in IP and in certain areas, but we also need to work together to get 5G growing, and we did. “

In August, Steve Molenkopf told the media, “China’s 5G deployment is amazing, the new wave of technology in the past, led by the United States, Japan and South Korea, China will be five or even 10 years late … But in the 5G era, China has kept pace in its first year. “

Also, on Qualcomm’s Analyst Day on November 19th, a Bloomberg reporter asked Steve Molenkov, Do you think China has overtaken the United States in 5G? Steve Molenkov’s answer: I don’t think technically. But in 5G deployment, especially in the construction of base stations, China’s development is really fast, and As I said before, China will be able to build 130,000 base stations by the end of this year and 1 million next year. If you compare that number to what you see in the United States, that’s a very large number, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. is not growing fast, but it’s the first time ever that China can go hand in hand with the U.S.

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