Motorola announces new high-end 5G smartphone in 2020

Despite Motorola’s recent departure from the high-end smartphone market, the Moto Razr flip-flop folding-screen smartphone, released in November, has rekindled fans’ enthusiasm for the brand. Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 865/765 chip and 5G solutions for flagship and mid-range devices at the Dragon Technology Summit in Maui, Hawaii, on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Sergio Buniac, Motorola’s president of mobile, said the company would release high-end new products in early 2020 with the addition of new technology.

Motorola announces new high-end 5G smarts in 2020

(Pictured: Moto, via Cnet)

The announcement echoes A previous statement made by Motorola’s external media CNET earlier in August that the brand will be dedicated to new high-end 5G smartphones.

Motorola had turned a profit before changing its market strategy. Clearly, focusing on mid-range and budget-level equipment helps stabilize profits, as do layoffs.

Over the past few years, Motorola has become an excellent budget and mid-range handset maker, with few devices priced at more than $500. But now the company is ready for another high-end shock.

Devices that support new networks are not cheap in the start-up of 5G. Even the Samsung Galaxy A90 5G version sells for about $800, while the 7 Pro 5G version is $840.

When it comes to today’s mobile market, Francoise Laflamme, Motorola’s chief strategy and marketing officer, says that to launch a $399 5G smart machine, manufacturers will compromise on many factors that people value.

The Moto G7, with a rear three-camera, is priced around $300 today. The first-tier Moto One Zoom and Moto X4 are $450/$500. But in the $500-plus price section, the company seems hesitant.

Even if Verizon sells a 5G-enabled Moto Z3 for $480, it’s a 5G Moto Mod for an additional $350 for a full 5G experience.

We expect the new Moto 5G smartphone, to be launched in 2020, starting at around $800 or more. After all, the full-featured Samsung Galaxy S10 5G/Note Plus 5G version has already sold for $1,300.

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