Kojima hit by prank low-edition “Death stranding” on the steam mall

Recently, a player on Steam found an action adventure game called “Man Standing”, from the name of the game to the promotional film, and even the description of the game, some what “Death Stranding” means. In the promotional video, there is also the words “a game by HIDEKO KOJIBA”, just do not know how Hideo Kojima himself will feel when he sees it.

Man Standing’ promotional film:

Don’t look at the quality of the picture, the game’s minimum configuration requirements clearly state the need for “2080 TI”:

Screenshots of some games:

Man Standing is scheduled to go on sale on December 11, but it’s unclear whether Valve will take the game off the shelf, after all, there are clear signs of plagiarism.

And “Death stranding” is now on the shelves in the Steam Mall, pre-order price of 298 yuan, will be officially launched in the summer of 2020 (The Mall Link).

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