Vertical stripe design: ONE plus 7T new Cushion Bumpe protective case exposure

If you want to buy a high-strength protective case for one plus 7T, choose another impact protection case from the company in addition to the red silicone Bumper, Bumper Case Karbon and Protective Case. Renowned whistleblower Ishan Agarwal has been exposed to the launch of this phone case, offering grey and blue options, with a distinctive vertical strip texture on the back. It is expected to sell for Rs 1,290, or about RMB 128, in the Indian market.

竖条纹设计:一加7T新款Cushion Bumpe保护套谍照曝光

Bump Cushione Case (pictured: Ishan Agarwal, via MSPU)

In addition to the hardware perimeter, one plus recently pushed oxygenOS 10.0.4 software updates to OnePlus 7T smartphone users, bringing with it many new features that are being used, such as Cloud Service for Gallery.

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