Reebok releases first high-performance plant running shoes

Reebok recently unveiled its first plant-based high-performance running shoe, The Forever Floatride GROW, according tomedia. The most special thing about this pair of running shoes, designed with a gold and cream aesthetic, is, of course, the plant material it uses. It is reported that the shoes will be listed next year. Reebok Forever Floatride GROW Performance Running Shoes are designed based on the Reebok Cotton and Corn range.

Reebok releases first high-performance plant running shoes

The new shoe is said to be an upgrade to The Forever Floatride Energy, highlighting the company’s efforts to reduce the use of oil-based plastics. Oil-based plastics are extremely common in footwear production.

Reebok said it had conducted “detailed” research and testing of parts of the shoe to ensure it was suitable for high-performance footwear.

Reebok releases first high-performance plant running shoes

Reebok says the INNER bottom of the GROW represents the largest sustainability in this new shoe type, which is made from sustainable lym seeds.

In addition, BLOOM algae foam is used to make shoes insoles, which, according to Reebok itself, have a natural anti-odor feature. In addition, the shoe features a natural rubber outer base made from a real rubber tree, which means the company does not use petroleum-based rubber.

Bill McInnis, Reebok’s vice president of future, said the company had spent three years developing the growth model, adding that runners wanted to have sustainable plant running shoes that could not compromise on quality.

It is understood that The Forever Floatride GROW will go on sale next autumn, with out-of-the-way prices.

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