(Pictured) Android Chrome notification settings add two new level options, “Low” and “Trivial”

The latest version of the Chrome Canary channel on the Android side provides a new setting option for notifications: two new options, “Low” and “Trivial” for the importance of notification requests. Minimize web notifications after they are enabled to as much as they bother your online experience.

In previous release updates, users could use Flag to make front-end information notifications quieter, but now users can select notification frequencies directly by setting options. To view the new notification settings, do the following

  • 1. In the latest version of Chrome Canary, click on the menu icon, settings, notifications
  • 2. General and permission requests
  • 3. Click Importance and select one of the following options.
  • High: Make a sound on the screen and pop up
  • Default (Default): Sounding
  • Low: Silent display
  • Inconsequential (Trivial): Silent display and minimize.

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