Minecraft Realms Plus subscription service goes live today for $7.99 a month

Minecraft’s monthly subscription service, Realms, is out of date, and its replacement is Minecraft Realms Plus. This new subscription service gives players access to their private servers, Minecraft Marketplace content, and is open to sign-up today.

Minecraft Realms Plus subscription service goes live today for $7.99 a month

Existing Minecraft Realms, which currently has 10 registered players, will automatically upgrade to the new Realms Plus program for free. Other Realms subscribers will not automatically upgrade because Mojang says the user is too large, and providing such privileges to other users could affect the company’s revenue.

With all Minecraft versions supported in the new Realms Plus subscription program, players can get more than 50 new content on the Minecraft market, as well as private server space for up to 10 people to play with. Subscribers can look forward to mini games, skin packs, various worlds and much more.

The company promises that Realms Plus subscribers will have monthly access to new content, and details of the monthly additions will be available on minecraft.net. The private realm of the subscriber will receive the new content for free.

Mojang says realms Plus subscriptions will get Horror House, BOO!, CampCraft, Extreme Sky Block, Foodies and more as soon as you sign up. The Realms Plus plan costs $7.99 a month. You can find a complete list of Marketplace content here.

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