StarCraft FPS? Blizzard admits senior staff leaving linked to cutting projects

Blizzard has confirmed the departure of at least three senior employees so far this year, according to a statement released by Blizzard to the well-known media outlet Kotaku, and that the number of undisclosed internal projects has been cut off. Blizzard chose to leave as it set to reallocate staff and resources to develop the two major sequels to be announced at the carnival, Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.


The three confirmed to have left the Blizzard family are Dustin Browder, former director of Storm Heroes and chief designer of Starcraft 2, Eric Dodd, a former director of Furnace Stone Legends, and Jason Chayes, former product director of Furnace Legends. Blizzard hopes to merge their team into Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 after StarCraft FPS and Handtour were canceled.

“Yes, Eric, Dustin and Jason left Blizzard a few months ago, but they’ve always been considered members of the Blizzard family. We’ve enjoyed working with them all these years. We wish them all the best for the future. ”

According to Kotaku, the internal project that led to Blizzard’s cut-off was actually weak revenue strapped in recent years (after the “overwatch” explosion). This frustrated Activision executives (although the two families called Activision Blizzard, Activision’s board is discretionating). By early 2018, Blizzard had been given a clear directive to play more games while cutting costs.


The 800-person layoffs that Came to light in February also dealt a big blow to the company, and Blizzard later released job postings of jobs that were dismissed in the firings, which now require a person to take charge of the previous 2-3 jobs. This has made many still-serving Blizzard employees uncomfortable, so the internal project’s waistcut has become the trigger for their departure.

Blizzard 2019 Carnival will be held this weekend, and while this year’s departure of staff and some of the off-the-ring turmoil has left Blizzard a little bit of a mess, it’s not a problem at all in the face of diablo 4, overwatch 2 and diable 2. As long as the QA part no longer appears to question players whether there is a mobile phone or such as “golden sentence”, this carnival will be a global player’s carnival.

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