China Mobile game publisher’s global revenue rankings in November: Tencent number one

According to the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform, Chinese Mobile game publishers ranked in the global App Store and Google Play in November 2019. The 30 Mobile game publishers on the list attracted more than $1.37 billion in global gold in November, accounting for 28.2% of total global Mobile game revenue for the current period. The detailed list changes below. Special Note: This report only counts publisher revenue and does not include third-party Android channel revenue in China.

The top four in this issue are still Tencent, NetEase, Lilith and Funga. However, Dragon’s Chance of Catching up slightly with Spirit’s Entertainment was the first time it was shortlisted for Top5.

Since the return of last Shelter: Survival to the domestic market in May, dragon’s fortunes have continued to climb sharply. The publisher’s global revenue rose 94.5 per cent in November from May, 80.5 per cent of which came from Watch The Dawn. In addition to the in-game season, Dragon’s Update Is a subscription service is also available in this SLGMobile game, which further enhances player activity by offering a large number of rewards daily during the subscription period.

Another strong breakout on the list is the 4399 game. Following the 19th place in the previous air-dropping publisher rankings, 4399 revenue scored further and jumped to 14th place this period. During November, 4399’s 3D Magic MMOMobile game “Sword of Miracles” was in the top five of the Mobile Game bestseller list at Google Play in South Korea. Thanks to the game’s excellent market performance, 4399 revenue rose 13.2% from October, 14.6 times the same period last year. Revenue from the South Korean market accounted for 60.7 per cent of the issuer’s global revenue in November, followed by Taiwan (13.4 per cent) and the US (4.9 per cent).

China Mobile game publisher's global revenue rankings in November: Tencent number one

Stacking paper game “Shine Warm” on November 7 launched a series of limited-time activities, the same day the revenue of the publisher’s daily flow of water, and led the paper stack game in November revenue rose 32.1% month-on-month, ranking from the previous period 30th to the current 23rd. “Shine warm” in April this year, the first in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan listed, in August officially landed in the domestic market. As a reference, during November, “Miracle Warm” in the United States, Japan and South Korea in three markets accounted for nearly 60% of its total global revenue, “Shine Warm” if landing in overseas markets, its revenue will usher in a new round of growth.

In addition, “Unending Ullah” national clothing revenue rose 14% month-on-month, helping the heart-throbbing network to make the top 10 list of publishers.

The launch of the two-day annual promotion “2019 Annual Big Sale” on November 9th led to a 10.7 per cent month-on-month increase in distributor revenue, which rose 3 places to 13th.

Shell launched the doomsday theme SLG Mobile game “Age of Z” in overseas markets last September. The game’s revenue has grown steadily since the launch, accounting for 40.5 per cent of the publisher’s global revenue in November and boosting shell software revenue by 5.1 per cent month-on-month. Influenced by film and television culture, the doomsday funeral theme has a large fan base overseas. But such mobile games are rare on the market today, and a high-quality funeral-themed Mobile game has a natural advantage in terms of buying and retaining, leaving more room for manufacturers to operate long-term.

On top of the list, China Mobile game publishers who have made the top 100 global revenue include Bole Technologies, Heppell, Six Waves and Heroes.

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