After Google founder steps down: Start ingress exploring space or learngates to do charity?

BEIJING, Dec. 4 (Xinhua) — Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin announced today that they will step down as CEO and president of Alphabet, Google’s parent company. So what’s next for the Google Boys, the documentary the duo have starred in?

After Google founder steps down: Start ingress exploring space or learngates to do charity?

Technology industry analysts believe they will start or invest in new start-ups to tackle some of the global challenges. Ray Wang, CEO of Constellation Research, said Page and Brin would do other things after successfully running Google and Alphabet.

“They have time to think and find the next direction. Wang Lei said. Developing new things has long been the passion of the two Google founders.

In 2015, when Google reorganised into Alphabet, Brin actually became president of Google X. Google X is A special division of Google that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, from self-driving cars and robots to internet balloons. It’s unclear what role Brin will play at Google X when he leaves office, but even without Google’s support, he and Page have the resources to explore the technological breakthroughs they hope to make.

Serial entrepreneurs

Paul Saffo, a professor at Stanford University’s School of Engineering and a Silicon Valley futurist, said: “I’ve seen a lot of start-ups from both of them, and they certainly won’t choose to retire and spend their time in the pool. Both are full of ideas, and many startups will be born out of their hands. “

In fact, Page and Brin may end up on a traditional Silicon Valley path: serial entrepreneurs. Since they had previously run Google, they had never tried to explore this path.

When the two started Google, they were in their early 20s. While they stayed at Google and watched it mature, many of their peers had started a number of startups.

In Silicon Valley, Mr. Sarver points out, starting a business in a row is even more remarkable. “If you start a company, your reputation won’t be high. The question is whether they are serial entrepreneurs. “

In his view, the prospect of Page and Brin embarking on a road to continuous entrepreneurship is promising. “I like entrepreneurs to get rid of their baggage and say, ‘Where can I make a difference?’ or more accurately, ‘Where can I do the most disruptive?”” He said.

Page has at least made an initial start-up venture. In addition to Google, he is an investor in Kitty Hawk, a flying car startup. Kitty Hawk recently struck a partnership with Boeing.

But Sarver believes that flying cars were the idea of a decade ago, and that Google’s founders would have bigger goals, such as outer space. “It seems that every superstar founder needs a rocket,” Sarver quipped, referring to the space company founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “

Doing charity like Gates?

Mr Wang believes Mr Brin will become an active investor in start-ups, acting as a consultant and mentor. Page, by contrast, may try to develop something new.

The new frontiers that the founders of other iconic technology companies are entering are not directly related to the technology industry. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, for example, has become one of the world’s most respected philanthropists. Pierre Omidyar, eBay’s founder, founded a foundation focused on social initiatives.

Crawford Del Prete, president of IDC, a market research firm, is another veteran technology industry watcher. Mr Page and Mr Brin, he thinks, may follow the example of other high-profile founders. Brin has set up the Bryn-Worthy Foundation, which focuses on public utilities and Parkinson’s disease.

DelPrete believes Page and Brin will explore in the future whether machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used to solve bigger problems, such as health and transportation-related issues, which they may achieve by starting new companies or becoming public advocates and philanthropists.

“Google Boys can now turn to solving very difficult problems,” he says. “

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