November iOS Device Performance List Released

In a flash, the end of the year is coming, 2019 is coming to an end, and more than three months have passed since Apple’s fall launch, with users squiling the new iPhone’s slotty voice and replacing it with a vision and anticipation for next year’s iPhone. Today, according to our back-stage data on the Rabbit, we have calculated the performance data for November, the data collection time is from November 1 to November 30, 2019, the results appeared in the list is average, not the highest score, so more representative.

November iOS Device Performance List Released: First Or It

Judging by the list, the new iPhone brings the A13 Bionic, but it is still not as good as the iPad Pro 3 with the A12X Bionic, proving that Apple’s strong research and development technology for mobile SoCs is not much changed from last month.

It should be noted that the data source of this list is taken from the latest Rabbit V8 data, compared to the V7 version of the increased test scene “Terracotta Warriors”, the results have increased, while the algorithm has been a new upgrade, so the results and V7 version can not be mutually referenced.

November iOS Device Performance List Released: First Or It

The first and second-ranked devices are still the iPad Pro 3, with an average score of 720047 for 12.9-inch, and a smaller 11-inch score of 71178, both equipped with the A12X Bionic. With high performance and plenty of heat, the iOS device, released last year, still tops the list of performance, and the performance is evident in the need to wait for Apple’s new iPad to be released.

Following the iPad Pro 3 is this year’s eye-catching iPhone 11 series, all three devices are equipped with the A13 Bionic, although not supporting 5G networks is somewhat regrettable, but the powerful performance and camera is a little make up, the average score is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the average score in turn is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, The iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, scores 545596, 533419, 521408. Although the A13 is not as good as the A12X, but the positioning of the two is different, can not be compared, so the A13 Bionic in the mobile phone SoC said Wang did not have any thing.

Finally followed by the iPhone 11 series are the A12 Bionic devices, the iPad Air 3, iPad mini 5, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, etc., with average scores of 495080, 481839, 4 46922、442988、424888。

That’s the IOS performance list for November, which may not change until Apple releases its new product son again, and there have been recent rumours that Apple will release the iPhone SE2 next year, as well as the new iPad series, so that the iOS performance list is still expected to change significantly until September next year.

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