Share price plunges after Peloton fitness bike ad accused of ‘sexism’

A fitness bike Christmas ad on interactive fitness platform Peloton has been widely derided on social media as “sexist,” “out of touch” and even “dystopian.” The ad has been viewed more than 1 million times on YouTube. In the ad, a woman receives a fitness bike from her husband as a Christmas present.

Share price plunges after Peloton fitness bike ad accused of 'sexism'

She then recorded the next year’s workout in the video log and presented it to him as a thank-you.

“A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would make a difference to me,” she says.

There was so much criticism of the company’s ad that it affected Peloton’s share price, which closed down more than 9 per cent on Tuesday.

Peloton sells fitness equipment with a touch screen – a fitness bike that costs more than $2,000 , and users can then buy a subscription to a fitness course on demand.

The New York-based company posted the ad on November 21, but criticism on social media has increased significantly in recent days.

Some people complain that a man who gave his wife a fitness bike as a Christmas present is sexist because it shows he wants her to lose weight.

Comedy writer Jesse Dwyke wrote on Twitter: “The only way to see The Peloton ad is to treat it as the first minute of an episode of Black Mirror. “

So far, the company’s Twitter account has not been involved in the controversy, but the company has shut down comments on YouTube about the ad.

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