2020 is in sight to predict next year’s new Apple products.

Apple will launch many new products in 2019. In September, Apple unveiled three phones, as well as the new Apple Watch, which are expected and unexpected, such as the new iPod Touch and two new AirPods. Soon 2019 is coming to an end, and what new products will Apple launch by 2020? If the rumors are true, the most anticipated one is the 5G iPhone, and Apple may also launch a low-cost iPhone.

2020 is in sight to predict next year's new Apple products.

Today we put a brief summary to see what Apple products are worth looking forward to in 2020:

New iPad Pro with 3D camera

Next year Apple is set to unveil a new iPad Pro with two camera sensors and a 3D sensor that can map digital models of the world around it. In 2021 or 2022, Apple may introduce AR helmets, and the 3D version of the iPad Pro could pave the way for helmets.

The low-cost iPhone that replaces the iPhone SE

Apple is rumoured to be launching a new version of the iPhone SE in 2020. The first iPhone SE, launched in 2016, is priced lower than the flagship iPhone for as little as $400 and looks similar to the iPhone 5S. The new iPhone SE may be equipped with a 4.7-inch screen, similar to the iPhone 8, with the same processor and iPhone 11, but for as little as $400. The basic iPhone 11 is $700, and the new iPhone SE is attractive.

iPhone 12 size changes support 5G

In September 2020, Apple will introduce several new iPhones, some of which support 5G, 3D cameras, and the Pro version. IPhones equipped with 3D cameras can scan the world with a laser to create digital images. South Korean media reported that the 2020 iPhone is available in 3 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, 6.7-inch versions, the iPhone 11 Pro is 5.8 inches, the iPhone 11 is 6.1 inches, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is 6.5 inches.

Apple Watch that tracks sleep

In general, Apple will launch the Apple Watch when it launches the iPhone in September, and the same should be true in 2020. Apple will add sleep tracking to the 2020 Apple Watch, which has been tested this year and hopes to be implanted in 2020. In addition, the 2020 Apple Watch will be more powerful and waterproof.

Help you find the iPhone’s little attachments

Apple is developing a small accessory that lets you find lost items on your iPhone. The small accessory is similar to the Bluetooth tracker, with a small label that can be placed in small items such as a key, wallet, and a Find My app to find items.

Smart glasses may be introduced

Apple is likely to launch smart glasses in 2020. Earlier Bloomberg reported that Apple is aiming to launch AR glasses by 2020, but recent reports say apples will launch AR/VR helmets in 2021 or 2022 and then smart glasses in 2023. Analysts say Apple is working with third-party companies to develop smart glasses, which will be available next year. I just don’t know if the smart glasses that analysts say are the same as what Bloomberg calls glasses.

Bundle multiple services together

In 2020, Apple could bundle and sell many digital services to consumers. The reported integrated services include Apple News Plus, Apple TV Plus and Apple Music.

Low-cost HomePod

Next year Apple is likely to launch a low-cost version of the HomePod, which has two tweeters and seven currently has a HomePod. Apple’s HomePod, which is priced at $350 in 2017, has the advantage of sound quality over the Amazon Echo and Google Home. But Amazon, Google and Google are struggling to keep up with the launch of the Echo Studio and Google Home Max, with enhanced sound quality and closing the gap with Apple, so the HomePod is not a success on the market. The introduction of a low-cost version of the HomePod is necessary and necessary.

2020 is in sight to predict next year's new Apple products.

Add a new screen to your iPad and MacBook

Next year, Apple is likely to introduce miniLED display technology for laptops and tablets, with up to six mini LED devices expected to be available by 2020, including the high-end iPad Pro (launched in the third quarter) and the 16-inch MacBook Pro (q4). Mini LEDs have several advantages over LCD and OLED, such as higher contrast and no burn screen.

iOS and iPadOS 14

At WWDC next June, Apple will show off new iOS and iPad OS 14, and it’s not yet known what’s new in the new software, but we should trust Apple, and it won’t disappoint us.

Apple TV Set-top Box

When will the new Apple TV set-top box be launched? It’s not clear, it could be the fall of 2020.

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