Galaxy S10 software update brings camera features on Note 10

Today’s software update is definitely good news for Galaxy S10 users. In addition to introducing camera features on the Note 10 for the Galaxy S10, it also includes the latest security patches and PC support for the Dex dock. This update is available across the Exynos line, including the Galaxy S10e, S10 Standard, and Galaxy S10 Plus models. Some markets have opened OTAs (e.g. Switzerland and Germany) and others will soon arrive.

Galaxy S10软件更新 带来Note 10上的相机功能

(Instagram via SamMobile)

Today’s update will upgrade the firmware versions of the Galaxy S10e, S10 Standard, S10 Plus models of the Exynos platform to G970FXXU3ASIG, G973FXXU3ASIG, and G975FXXU3ASIG.

The official change log states that the new camera features include real-time focus on static and video shooting, front night mode, AR doodle, and ultra-stable video recording in time-lapse mode.

Previously, the Galaxy S10 model based on the Qualcomm platform had a software update with Note 10 features.

Galaxy S10软件更新 带来Note 10上的相机功能

In fact, the Galaxy S10 itself already supports real-time focusing, so this update only introduces the Gglitz Live focus effect on the Note 10. However, in terms of video shooting, the new real-time focus function is still quite gratifying.

In addition, the Note 10 introduced the ‘Connect to Windows’ feature, which has now been extended to the Galaxy S10 series. Think of it as a shortcut to the beautification version (hidden from Microsoft’s official Your Phone app) and on older Samsung devices.

It’s worth noting that DeX for PC and dynamic lock screen (another wallpaper picture is displayed each time you open the screen) are also part of this update. At present, Samsung is still gradually expanding the push, can not wait for users, can also manually download and install.

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