U.S. court disqualifies Huawei’s chief lawyer, Huawei protests

On December 4th a U.S. judge disqualified James Cole, Huawei’s chief defense lawyer, a move that drew an outcry from Huawei,media reported. Cole served as the Justice Department’s second deputy attorney general from 2011 to 2015. U.S. prosecutors say he may use “confidential information” obtained during his tenure to defend Huawei, which carries a huge risk and uses it as a reason to consider Cole’s defense a conflict of interest.

U.S. court disqualifies Huawei's chief lawyer, Huawei protests

“We are disappointed with the court’s decision, which we believe violates Huawei’s Rights to the Lawyers of choice under the Sixth Amendment,” Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly said in a statement. We reserve the right to appeal the decision where appropriate. “

The lawsuit is a U.S. prosecution case against Huawei for “bank fraud” and “violation of sanctions.”

James Cole himself said he did not believe he had any reason to disqualify himself, but he did not comment on the judge’s decision.

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