Digital tax station France? British media: Johnson says tech giants pay more tax in UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson believes the world’s tech giants should pay more tax in britain, British media reported Thursday. Mr Johnson stood by the Conservatives’ general election pledge to introduce a “digital services tax” to ensure big multinationals paid a “fair share,” the report said. The White House said Tuesday it may impose tariffs of up to 100 percent on $2.4 billion worth of French imports in response to France’s “digital tax” on U.S. tech giants.

Digital tax station France? British media: Johnson says tech giants pay more tax in UK


Google Inc., Apple Inc., Inc. and Facebook Inc. are reportedto targets for France’s “digital tax.”

French Economy and Finance Minister Michel Le Maire responded that the U.S. government’s plan to impose tariffs on French products was “unacceptable” and that the European Union would be prepared to fight back if the U.S. imposed sanctions.

“Obviously, I regret it, I don’t think a trade war is a good thing,” Mr Johnson told reporters during a visit to Wiltshire, according to Sky News. “

“With regard to the digital services tax, I think we need to look at the operations of the big digital companies and the huge revenues they make in this country and the taxes they pay,” Johnson said. “We need to solve this problem. They need to make a fairer contribution. “

Earlier, Mr Johnson stressed the importance of a “good relationship” between British leaders and the US president, saying it was a “geopolitical and geostrategic fact” and that the UK should maintain that relationship with other countries.

But as U.S. President Donald Trump visits The UK for a NATO summit, Mr. Johnson appears to want to “get rid of” his relationship with Mr. Trump. He has previously said he hopes Mr Trump will not interfere in the British election.

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