Tencent Switch’s first game officially approved: China version is coming

October 29 news, the former State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio and Television website shows that a new batch of imported game licenses have been issued, the approval time is October 25, a total of 12 games approved. Among them, Tencent’s “The Huntsman”, “New Super-Mario Brothers U Deluxe Edition”, Xishanju’s “Xian Jian Qi Man 4”, NetEase’s “Live Ball Club Manager”, “Three Kingdoms Will Record”, bilibili of “One Blood Wanjie” and other games were approved.

The new Super-Marrio Brothers U Deluxe category is declared “Game console-Switch”, which also means that Tencent’s agent’s national version of switch is getting closer.


On August 2 this year, Tencent Nintendo Switch media conference, officials said that the game localization, Tencent and Nintendo will work together to improve the local translation of well-known games, more Chinese Simplified version of the game will be launched in mainland China in the future, to help players overcome language barriers.

At the same time, Tencent will also assist Nintendo to set up a network system suitable for the network environment in mainland China, through Tencent Cloud, set up a localized network services, so that everyone can enjoy a more convenient and smoother gaming experience.

In addition, Tencent will work with Nintendo to optimize the “Nintendo e Store” to provide WeChat payment as a means of payment, lowering the purchase threshold and reducing cross-border procedures. In addition, Tencent is also planning to assist Nintendo in setting up offline purchase channels and player exchange centers.

Finally, for after-sales, Nintendo will provide an official warranty service, a one-year warranty for the national bank host, and a three-pack service for Nintendo’s national peripheral products.


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