Nestle launches plant-based Stouffer and Digiorno pizzas

Nestle’s frozen food giants Digiorno and Stouffer’s joined the plant-based meat movement today with two new products. Their new grilled thousands of layers and new pizzas use Sweet Earth’s “awesome ground” instead of beef and sausages. Sweet Earth was acquired by Nestle in 2017 to produce a wide range of fresh and frozen plant-based products.

The “awesome ground” used in Stouffer’s and Digiorno’s new products is made mainly from pea protein, an ingredient in the Beyond Burger plant burger. Other ingredients include wheat gluten, low mustard vegetable oil, coconut oil and fruit and vegetable juice.

Nearly half of consumers have incorporated plant-based meat into their diet or will consider long-term consumption, according to a consumer survey conducted by Nestle America. The survey also found that three out of ten people had not tried plant meat. In terms of nutrition, new plant-based products have similar nutrients to the original versions of these products.

Nestle launches plant-based Stouffer and Digiorno pizzas

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