Tesla’s Shanghai battery production facility to be completed Model 3 has assembled more than 100 vehicles

Tesla’s Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3 may still be waiting for final approval before it can begin delivering the locally produced Model 3, but construction is still accelerating. Among them, the battery production facilities are nearly completed, and the Model 3 in the parking lot is growing.

Tesla's Shanghai battery production facility to be completed Model 3 has assembled more than 100 vehicles

The first phase of the Shanghai plant has been completed, the ground and roads have been completely paved, the lawns around the plant have been planted, and several Tesla cars are parked around the complex.

Perhaps most impressive, however, is the plant’s second phase of the project, where the battery modules are produced, and progress is just as rapid. The exterior of the battery production facility is nearing completion, with almost phase II roofs and walls completed. The battery production facility is significantly smaller than the vehicle assembly facility.

The second phase of the project will not begin until the end of the third quarter of 2019, and the latest developments are particularly impressive. At the beginning of September, there was only one piece of land that was being leveled throughout the phase II area, but 12 weeks later, the exterior of the huge production facility was now nearing completion. That’s just as amazing, given that Tesla has been busy debugging the Model 3 production line during this time.

In addition to the rapid progress of the second phase of the project, more and more Chinese-made Model 3s have been seen in the parking lot between the complex and the battery production facility, with about 100 Model 3s parked in the parking lot. Tesla has been granted a mass production license from the Chinese government, and the plant is likely to produce more Model 3s.

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