Game developer confirms Microsoft will release two Xbox consoles in 2020

Microsoft will launch two versions of its next-generation Xbox console in 2020, a niche game developer has confirmed. Although in June last year, Xbox head Phil Spencer denied the rumors. Microsoft announced plans for project Scan, but there is speculation it will have two sub-versions — the higher-end Anaconda and the leaner Lockhart model ( a digital-only version) — in the world.

Game developer confirms Microsoft will release two Xbox consoles in 2020

(Instagram via TechSpot)

On Wednesday, an anonymous game developer issued a briefing on the matter and confirmed the plan to Kotaku, saying the new console will be available for the 2020 holiday shopping season.

The model, codenamed Anaconda, will be the direct successor to the Xbox One. The model, codenamed Lockhart, will be the successor to the Xbox One X — a digital-only (optically free) version similar to the Xbox One S.

In addition, it is reported that the Lockhart model will not be as powerful as its sister version. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t revealed the exact hardware specifications for Project Scarlett, but has passed on some basic performance goals.

Even so, the source points out that Lockhart will have the same power as the PlayStation 4 Pro, about 4 TFLOP graphics computing power, and a MORE powerful CPU than any existing game console on the market.

Microsoft is understood to be pushing developers to provide Lockhart with a 1440p s 60fps gaming experience. The company has previously said that Project Scarlett will support 4K to 60fps.

Kotaku speculates that the Lockhart model will sell well, even bundled with Microsoft’s xCloud Cloud Game Service or Xbox Game Pass. With the rise of digital platforms, this view makes sense.

Unfortunately, microsoft only gave a guest response when asked bymedia for comment: “We will not comment on rumors or speculation.” Please be patient as to what the truth is.

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