Q3 Global Report: Android platform game downloads grow 3 times faster than iOS

Sensor Tower recently released its Third Quarter 2019 Data Summary Report, which focuses on the global market and analyzes the q3 application market status from the download dimension. The data range is from July 1 to September 30, 2019, and the data sources are the App Store and Google Play, which are not traditionally included in the domestic Android market.

Here are the too long not to watch the version:

Global app downloads nearly 30 billion times, of which 11.13 billion games contributed, accounting for more than one-third;

The highest download volume is the ultra-casual game Fun Race 3D, more than 200 million times, and the only one over 100 million download hand tour;

PUBG Mobile followed closely behind, with more than 60% (13) of the top20 downloads being ultra-casual games;

The market with the largest global download contribution was India (5 billion), but the App Store alone was China (2.2 billion).

Q3 Global App Downloads Nearly 30 Billion, One-third of Games

Q3 in 2019, the global app market reached 29.6 billion downloads, an increase of 9.7% year-on-year. Of these, the App Store contributed 8 billion, and Google Play contributed the remaining 21.6 billion times, about 2.7 times the number of downloads.

And in terms of Q3 downloads, google Play’s 11.4 percent year-on-year growth, also higher than the App Store’s 5.3 percent, widening the gap.

In terms of categories, the game is still the main contributor to the downloadvolume of the two platforms. As of September 30, gaming apps on the App Store had 2.44 billion downloads, far outpacing other apps such as video and e-commerce, and the only type to reach the billion download level, up 7.3% year-on-year.

The number of downloads of gaming apps on Google Play reached 8.69 billion, up 20.9% year-on-year. The App Store and Google Play combined to reach 11.13 billion downloads, accounting for 37.6% of the overall app market. In other words, one of the three apps in the global app market is downloaded.

Ultra-casual games dominate the list, “Mamario karting car” 6 days to break 80 million

In terms of product download series, ultra-casual games were the biggest winners, not only fun Race 3D with more than 120 million downloads to complete the lead, TOP20 more than 13 products are ultra-casual games, accounting for more than 60%.

However, despite the long lead, the first position of fun Race 3D is a bit of a hangover. On September 25, Nintendo’s sixth hand tour, the Mar-a-Lago Tour, landed, with more than 20 million downloads on its first day, and in just six days to September 30, the Marrio Kart Tour received more than 80 million downloads. The number one Fun Race 3D took three months to reach 120 million downloads.

It is not difficult to imagine that if “Uncle Mario” morning line for two months, the top position has a good probability will change hands.

The report features all six Nintendo hand tours, downloads and revenue scores from launch to date, with the most downloads being 230 million downloads for “Marrio Cool Run” and the best-paid $620 million for “Fire-Strip Hero.” By 2019, Nintendo had generated 374 million downloads and $928 million in revenue.

In addition to ultra-casual games, the rest of the list is mainly heavy games and casual games two categories. Among them, heavy games are mainly PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, downloads of more than 90 million and 80 million, respectively, so they are ranked in the top 5.

Casual games such as Subway Sprint, Talking Tom Cat 2 and Dream home are concentrated in the middle of the list, with a focus on the top 10 (9, 10, 11). From the line-up time point of view, these leisure games came out of time of 7 years, 7 years and 1 year, high-quality leisure game long-term vitality can not be underestimated.

Tencent tops Chinese game publisher with 270 million downloads per quarter

Publisher ranking, the Report does not list the game publishers separately, so the top spot is Facebook and Google Play, followed by game publisher Say Games, followed by Voodoo, Good Job Games are both ultra-casual game publishers.

Say Games, a Belarus-based hyper-casual game publisher, has previously counted its products and found that it has downloaded more than 10 million of its 13 products, and it took just one year to press established publishers such as Voodoo to stay among the top ultra-casual game publishers. This year, Q3, Say Games has downloaded more than 300 million products.

The first Chinese publisher, Byte Beat (6th), was the first publisher from China to appear, and since the current byte beat is not an online game release, the first Chinese game publisher in the true sense was Tencent, which received 270 million downloads (7th).

On the list, only Jinshan, the Chinese game publisher that is also on the list, has more than 100 million downloads on the Q3, between Amazon and Nintendo. The App Store’s list of popular publishers has seen a further increase in Chinese game publishers, such as NetEase.

Global Market India’s Most Popular, App Store China First

By region, India has become the world’s largest market for contributing downloads, with more than 5 billion Downloads in Q3 occurring in India in 2019, and more than 90% on the Google Play platform. Since Google Play did not enter the Chinese market, China did not make the list.

Q3全球报告:安卓平台游戏下载量增速是iOS 3倍

As a result, the United States followed with more than 3 billion downloads and Brazil in third place with more than 2 billion downloads. It can be found that, with the exception of the United States, emerging markets contribute the most downloads, and the majority of downloads on the Google Play platform, often more than 90%, the higher the percentage of App Store downloads, the higher the market maturity, such as the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom from the App Store downloads more than half.

There are up to three in Southeast Asia, with some developed markets, mostly in emerging markets, with no more than 1 billion downloads per quarter, such as Japan and the United Kingdom.

Excluding Google Play, China is the biggest market for downloads, with about 2.2 billion downloads this year, down 6 percent from a year earlier, surpassing 1.87 billion in the U.S. and 423 million in Japan. In contrast to the overall regional market TOP10 ranking, App Store downloads TOP5 regional market, are basically highly competitive mature markets, rare Southeast Asia, Latin American countries traces.

Q3全球报告:安卓平台游戏下载量增速是iOS 3倍

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