Amazon launches Kendra Enterprise Search service called Board Microsoft Search

At the Ignite 2018 conference, Microsoft announced for the first time that Microsoft Search search services for enterprises are designed to provide Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office, Windows, Products such as Bing provide an enhanced search experience. At this year’s Developers Conference (Build 2019), the company announced that Microsoft Search is fully available. But now it has a new competitor.

Amazon launches Kendra Enterprise Search service called Board Microsoft Search

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Microsoft Search is known to be based on The Bing Graph and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to display organizations stored in Microsoft 365 and Saleforce, Google Drive, SAP, Content indexes in other services such as ServiceNow and AWS.

Whether you’re searching for people, files, organizational architecture, sites, or answers to common questions, you can use Microsoft Search services within your organization to get answers.

Yesterday, Amazon announced a business-oriented Kendra search service to compete with Microsoft Search. Like competition, Kendra supports natural language queries to help users find information across a wide range of company-wide content.

In addition, Kendra also supports connectors that allow users to index available content stored in services such as SharePoint Online, Amazon S3, and databases.

Next year, Amazon will also offer connectors that support popular data sources such as Box, Dropbox, Salesforce and OneDrive.

Amazon launches Kendra Enterprise Search service called Board Microsoft Search

Amazon says Kendra’s bright spot is its ability to actively retrain and build deep learning models for enterprise datasets and employee usage patterns to improve search accuracy.

With the eventual use of more interaction with search results, Kendra is able to fine-tune its results. This means that when you give a thumbs up or down a result, Kendra will learn which results are more relevant and will give it priority to surface later.

In addition, Kendra provides the option to manually adjust relevance, such as some fields in the index that users can promote, such as document freshness, view counts, or specific data sources, or documents that have recently been accessed at high frequencies, such as trend news and updates.

Of course, using natural language to retrieve is not just a keyword to get the answers you need. Kendra connects the points in the file to return the answer.

Whether it’s a text clip, a quick question or a question, or a document, Kendra can provide suggested answers in advance, rather than filtering a lengthy list of documents to find specific answers.

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