(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19035 Release: Suspend Store Notepad Distribution

For Windows Insider members of both Fast and Slow channels, Microsoft today launched an update to Windows 10 Build 19035. This update is closer to the RTM version of Windows 10 Version 2004, meaning Microsoft has put development efforts on 20H2.

(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19035 Release: Suspend Store Notepad Distribution

In the version update log released today, Microsoft notifies Windows Insider members of the Fast channel that if they do not want to migrate to the new version, users can reset the update channel, or Microsoft will automatically send the first 20H2 update to the channel Insider.

One notable change in the Windows 10 Build 19035 update was that Microsoft stopped moving The Notepad to the Microsoft Store. Microsoft plans to migrate Notepad and other core applications to the Microsoft Store for faster updates.

In the update log, write

Thank you for your previous feedback on the Store version of Notepad. At this stage, Microsoft has decided not to provide this feature to users. Windows Insider members may have noticed some changes, which Microsoft removed from the release.

If you previously pinned Notepad to the taskbar or start menu, you’ll need to re-pin after upgrading the version

If you’ve set some file formats to open with Notepad by default, you’ll see a prompt when you try to open that type of file again after you upgrade that version, and you’ll need to reselect Notepad.

Other general updates

This version no longer displays the version watermark in the lower right corner of the desktop. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s done

Microsoft has completed experiments on how to drive updates through Windows Update. The devices involved in the experiment will no longer display the Optional Updates link under Settings and Windows Update. This also addresses the issue that after the printer driver was successfully installed from the Optional Updates section, the driver still appears to be available for installation. Thank you to the insiders who provided feedback on this feature.

Microsoft has resolved an issue that may result in fingerprints (if enabled) being available as sign-in options after waking the device from sleep.

Microsoft has resolved an issue that may prevent some apps from starting the first time they try to start after resetting the app through Settings.

Known issues

Because of the adjustments made in the operating system by some Preview Insider versions and some BattlEye anti-cheat software versions, BattlEye and Microsoft found incompatibilities. To protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PCs, Microsoft has applied compatibility reservations to these devices to prevent affected versions of Windows Insider Preview. For more information, see this article.

Some Insiders report that when trying to install the latest version, the installer rolls back and returns the error code 0xc1900101. In some cases, the update completes successfully in subsequent attempts. If you’re having trouble, be sure to submit feedback in The Feedback Center.

Microsoft reports that the update process was suspended for a long time when a new version is installed.

Microsoft is investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives did not respond to Start Code 10 after connecting.

Microsoft has received a report about the Optimize Drives application and incorrectly reported that the optimization is not running on the SSD device.

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