Apple Watch: Saves two men who fell into the sea after overturning boat

The Apple Watch’s emergency rescue feature is useful for allowing users to make quick emergency calls, according tomedia. The feature recently helped the U.S. Coast Guard rescue two kayakers in Puerto Rico. It is reported that the two athletes were in the kayak sank, but they were not wearing life jackets.

Apple Watch: Saves two men who fell into the sea after overturning boat

Two men are tourists visiting San Juan Ocean Park Beach in Puerto Rico. However, due to dangerous water conditions and high waves, the two men’s rubber boats were submerged. This left the two trapped in the choppy waters.

The two were forced to swim in the water for several hours after the rubber dinghy sank, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. Thankfully, one of the men was wearing an Apple Watch, who could call for help through the emergency call function.

When the Coast Guard and local police were alerted, they were found by helicopter. The Coast Guard then put down lifeguards and an airplane rescue basket to save the two men from the sea.

The Coast Guard said the two men were lucky, especially considering they were not wearing life jackets.

The Apple Watch’s emergency call-out feature is understood to allow users to make quick calls to emergency services via side buttons. This feature works better in the Apple Watch Series 5, where users can call local emergency services in another country or region.

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