Chinese woman sues e-cigarette giant Juul: Fired after sexual harassment report

A former Juul Lab employee filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court on Monday alleging that he was fired for reporting sexual harassment by several male colleagues. The Chinese woman, Carrie Chuang, was Juul Lab’s global supply chain manager before she was fired.

Chinese woman sues e-cigarette giant Juul: Fired after sexual harassment report

She alleged in the indictment that she had been sexually harassed by three Juul employees between October 2016 and February 2018. One of the co-workers made sexually suggestive comments, touching sensitive parts of her and kissing her face and ears against her will.

Ms. Zhuang claims that she reported the actions to several managers and executives, but no corrective action was taken. The then manufacturing director “advised her to avoid further reporting on the matter,” the complaint said. “To make matters worse, ms. Zhuang first reported sexual harassment when a manager who received the report also sexually harassed her.

The indictment also alleges that Juul employees spread false rumors about Zhuang, claiming that she had sex with a vendor, accepted bribes and stole company files. When she reported the matter to the vice president of operations engineering, he continued to spread the rumors to other executives.

The vice president and a senior human resources executive were charged with false imprisonment in the case. Ms. Zhuang was removed from her post in December 2018 in a closed conference room where Zhuang tried to leave the room, but the human resources director told her, “You can’t leave.” Zhuang claims that the two executives announced her dismissal on false charges of stealing company data.

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