SnapDragon865 Specifications Vs Kirin 990, Samsung Exynos 990: Win and Lose

Snapdragon 865 has been officially released, starting in the first quarter of next year, will be a new machine. There is no doubt that Qualcomm’s flagship platform will be in charge of a number of strong positions, including Apple A13, Huawei Kirin 990, Samsung Exynos 990, MediaTek Dimensity 1000, and more. The hearted foreigner scoffed a spec sheet, the SnapSnapdragon 865, Huawei Kirin 990 5G, Samsung Exynos 990/9830’s main parameters listed together, interested in understanding.

SnapDragon865 Paper Specifications Vs Kirin 990, Samsung Exynos 990: Win and Lose

From the CPU main frequency point of view, the Kirin 990 5G is currently the highest, but architecture, Qualcomm is leading. GPU has always been Qualcomm’s strength, Adreno tends to have an advantage over the public version, and this time it has increased by 25% again, supporting driver upgrades, and so on.

In terms of manufacturing processes, both the Kirin 990 5G and Samsung Exynos 990 have imported 7nm EUV, while the SnapDragon865 does not, and Qualcomm’s explanation is to consider stable large-scale supply for many manufacturers.

In terms of AI performance, Hexagon is up to 15TOPS in the int8 integer, ahead of his rivals.

In terms of image support, SnapDragon865 supports up to 200 million pixels of horror CMOS and supports recording 8K video.

Finally, the 5G baseband, the signal advantages and conditions can not be compared for the time being, but in terms of pure theoretical rate and band coverage, the SnapSnapdragon 865 and Samsung Exynos 990 are in one or two places. Of course, it cannot be ignored that only the Kirin 990 5G of the three models achieve splendour with the AP in a SoC integrated package, more costly.

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