Call of Duty Mobile Game gets 170 million downloads in 2 months, $87 million

Call of Duty Mobile game, launched by Tencent and Activision Blizzard, has received more than 172 million downloads and nearly $87 million worldwide in the two months since it went on sale, according to Sensor Tower Store Intelligence. As we’ve previously reported, Call of Duty Mobile game recorded a new record for Mobile game downloads in its first week on the market. The game received 146 million downloads worldwide in October, and in November it slowed to about 21 million downloads.

Call of Duty Mobile Game gets 170 million downloads in 2 months, $87 million

The U.S. is currently the game’s largest market, with nearly 28.5 million downloads, or 16.6 percent. This was followed by India and Brazil, which contributed 17.5 million (10.2 per cent) and 12 million (7 per cent) downloads, respectively.

On the platform, more than 89 million downloads, or 52%, from Google Play, and nearly 83 million iOS downloads, or 48%.

Revenue slows but remains strong

Call of Duty Mobile Game’s revenue trends are in line with downloads, reaching $55 million in October and falling to $31 million in November.

Since its launch, U.S. players have $36 million, or 42 percent. Next up was the Japanese player, with more than $11 million, or 13.2 percent. British players ranked third, contributing $2.6 million, or 3%.

In terms of revenue, the App Store’s strengths were highlighted, contributing $51 million, or 59.2%, while Google Play contributed $35 million, or 40.7 percent.

Call of Duty Mobile game was slightly worse than “Fortress Night” ($66 million) in two months, but significantly ahead of PUBG Mobile ($10 million), as It was not released on Google Play and compared to iOS platform revenue.

Call of Duty Mobile Game gets 170 million downloads in 2 months, $87 million

While revenue fell at the start of the market, Call of Duty Mobile Game remained on mobile game top25 in key markets. As the game’s content updates speed up further, the game may soon usher in a new revenue record. In terms of current market performance, Call of Duty Mobile Game is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples of the adaptation of Mobile Game.

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