Huawei wristband 4 Pro officially released: independent NFC-GPS 399 yuan

Today, Huawei officially launched the Huawei Nova6 Series, Huawei Nova6 5G, Nova6 4G and Huawei Nova6 SE. At the same time, Huawei also released a new smart bracelet Huawei wristband 4 Pro. Appearance, Huawei wristband 4 Pro with a metal matte bezel design, AMOLED material full touch color screen, a total of 100 plus material strap optional, wristband comfortable and light.

Functionally, Huawei’s wristband 4 Pro has 11 sports modes built in, can count 127 motion data, and has a separate GPS track record function, and can provide professional sports advice.

Huawei wristband  4 Pro also has blood oxygen saturation detection function, real-time reflection of the state of physical support, support early fight and atrial fibrillation screening, comprehensive accuracy of up to 95.5%, and can provide scientific sleep recommendations, can identify six major sleep problems, provide 200 sleep recommendations.

In addition, Huawei wristband 4 Pro built-in NFC function, support access card, 252 city traffic card payment, but also support Alipay broom payment.

As for the price, Huawei’s wristband 4 Pro costs 399 yuan, opens at 18:08 on December 5, and officially opens on December 12.

Huawei Hand ring 4 Pro officially released: independent NFC-GPS 399 yuan

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