Porsche’s first all-electric car crash test: the tesla Model 3

E-NCAP, one of the world’s most authoritative new car safety review agencies, screens the safest new cars of the year by model level each year. Recently, E-NCAP announced the crash results of Porsche’s first all-electric Taycan, with the new car winning five stars. E-NCAP tested Taycan in four areas: adult members, child members, vulnerable road users, and safety assistance.

The measured data show that Taycan performs better overall in adult protection, only on the edge of the protection of the passenger’s chest in the event of a full head-on collision and the seat whipping test.

In addition, Taycan also performed well in child protection, except that the six-year-old model was rated as a fringe rating and slightly deducted points in the positive touch test. This is as follows: 85% for adult protection, 83% for child protection, 70% for pedestrian protection, 73% for safety assistance.

In contrast, the Tesla Model 3 performed in the same test environment: 96% for adult protection, 86% for child protection, 74% for pedestrian protection, and 94% for safety assistance.

Overall, Porsche Taycan’s overall performance is five stars, but the specific performance is still some distance from the current benchmark model Model 3 in this area.

Porsche's first all-electric car crash test: the tesla Model 3

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