Google re-explodes retaliatory dismissal of employees or for joining labor groups

Google has been hit by a complaint in Chicago alleging that it illegally laid off employees. It is also the latest in a series of such allegations against Google. Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board’s Chicago-area office received a complaint alleging that Google illegally fired one or more employees of its advertising business because they had joined or supported a labor group and protested Google’s terms and conditions of employment.

Google re-explodes retaliatory dismissal of employees or for joining labor groups

The complaint also accuses Google of making unreasonable rules, such as barring employees from discussing working conditions and preventing them from supporting labor groups. The complaint said Google’s dismissal of the employees was a retaliatory act.

On the same day, the National Labor Relations Board said four former Google employees, known as the Thanksgiving Four, who were fired just days before Thanksgiving, planned to file an unfair labor complaint against the agency.

On November 25th, local time, Google pushed tensions between management and staff to the peak when it fired four employees in New York for “breaches of data security policies.” Google said the four employees improperly obtained internal information and leaked information to the media.

But the four employees said they were victims of Google’s retaliation. They were fired mainly because they were unhappy with Google’s efforts to organize some workers’ organizations.

In response, a Google spokesman reiterated in an email yesterday: “We fired the four men because they deliberately and often repeatedly violated our long-term data security policies, including the systematic acquisition and dissemination of materials and work by other employees.” No one is fired for causing trouble to the company or discussing its activities. “

In fact, there have been reports that Google employees have been systematically protesting the company’s decisions over the past two years, including its cooperation with the U.S. military, its treatment of executives accused of sexual harassment, and the way they treat temporary workers and suppliers.

In response to “particularly opinion-making” employees, Google hired consultants in May 2018 to change company regulations to clean up the portal.

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