Sony: PS5 life cycle up to 7 years PS4 Pro is a test case

The PS4 Pro is the first true mid-generational hardware iteration in Sony’s home console family. Codenamed Neo, which was officially announced at the PS conference in September 2016, it went on sale in November 2016 for $399, the same price as the PS4’s initial price. Its main purpose is to bring a 4K gaming experience to the player, as 4K display devices are becoming more popular among players.

To achieve this, Sony configured the PS4 Pro with a GPU with a floating-point budget of 4.2TF, supporting board rendering at the hardware level, a higher clock frequency CPU and 1GB of DDR3 memory.

Sony: PS5 life cycle up to 7 years PS4 Pro is a test case

This attempt was a great success, providing the best experience for hardcore PS players. But many wonder if the PS4 Pro will be Sony’s only upgrade midway through the generations.

On the 25th anniversary of PlayStation,media player Game Informer interviewed Ito Yakang, executive vice president of sIE hardware engineering and operations. According to the executive, the PS4 Pro is basically a test case for Sony when it realized that the PS5 life cycle would be different from that of previous generations.

“In fact, in the past, the life cycle of a new platform was 7-10 years, but due to the rapid development and evolution of technology, the life cycle of the host is now only 6-7 years. So we can’t fully catch up with the rapid advances in technology, so our idea is that for a platform like the PS5, it could be 6-7 years. But in doing so, a platform for the life cycle, we should change the hardware itself and try to incorporate advanced technology into it. That’s the idea behind it, the test case behind it is the PS4 Pro, which was introduced in the middle of the PS4 cycle. ”

If this is a test, given the success of the PS4 Pro, maybe in the future we will also see a PS5 Pro.

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