Bloodhound LSR jet racing reaches speed of 1010km/h in test

The team that developed the Bloodhound LSR jet racing has been working for years to set a new land speed record. The team announced that the vehicle had reached a top speed of 628 mph or 1010 km/h in 50 seconds. In 50 seconds, the car had been traveling for five miles. Such high speed was enough for The Bloodhound LSR to reach Edinburgh from London in 39 minutes and from Cape Town to Johannesburg in 1 hour and 23 minutes. In tests, the team said, they detected supersonic airflow around the rear suspension.

The Bloodhound LSR, which has reached its highest speed ever, has now completed high-speed testing. The Bloodhound LSR uses an EJ200 jet engine, which is typically found on Eurofighter Typhoons. During the test, the Bloodhound LSR left the starting line at “maximum dry” speed at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour without visible flames. After that, the power is switched on and the jet engine enters the force burner mode. The maximum speed in the test occurs after 50 seconds. When the vehicle reaches 615 mph, the vehicle starts to slow down and stabilizes before deploying a resistance parachute. The Bloodhound LSR tests over the past few weeks were carried out at the Kaksekeenpan Desert Racetrack in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

Although the Bloodhound LSR reached 628 mph in tests, the Thrust SSC maintained its current land speed record of more than 763 mph. To achieve this speed, the Hound will be equipped with rockets to complement jet engines. The team says efforts to break the land speed will take place next year.

Hound LSR jet racing race d'etat reaches speed of 1010km/h in test

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