RIPE NIC is about to run out of IPv4 address space

The European Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), which is responsible for the allocation of Internet resources in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia, announced that its final IPv4 address space reserve pool would be completely depleted by November. IPv4 address space has been drying up for many years, and most ISPs and devices are ready to join support for IPv6.

RIPE NIC即将耗尽IPv4地址空间

RIPE NIC即将耗尽IPv4地址空间

China Telecom, China’s largest ISP, has also recently accelerated the deployment of IPv6, with the latest data showing that its IPv6 penetration has exceeded 10%, much better than less than 1% a year ago. A RIPE NCC spokesman advised network operators to estimate the IP resources in their hands to ensure progress in the IPv6 deployment. Most network resource focal points have their IPv4 address space exhausted, but many operators have a lot of IPv4 address space available, so the coordination center’s IPv4 resources are gone, which does not mean that there are no assignable IPv4 addresses. In addition, inter-domain-free routing, network address translation (NAT), operational-level NAT, and so on all extend the life of IPv4.

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