Mozilla holds hands with Element AI in the field of artificial intelligence ethics

Mozilla announced a partnership with Element AI to promote the use of ethical artificial intelligence (AI), foreign media reported. On Monday, local time, the tech giant said the strategic partnership between Mozilla and Element AI focused on how new AI technologies and tools can bring challenges and opportunities to today’s digital frontiers.

Mozilla牵手Element AI涉足人工智能伦理领域

Among them, the ethical issues of AI and its application are of particular concern. Although AI is still in its infancy, it has proven its worth in human-beneficial use cases, such as its ability to help paralysed patients communicate, diagnose medical conditions, and track academic research projects.

However, in addition to this valuable and ethical purpose, AI can also be used in applications that may be considered unethical, such as unmanned weapons, the development of military vehicles, and mass surveillance. With the continuous development and expansion of technology, it is particularly important to create and adhere to a certain degree of ethics.

Element AI, an AI enterprise software provider with partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Intel, will next work with Mozilla to explore the field of AI ethics control.

In addition, the two companies will develop Data Trust, a new ad-tech solution based on AI designed to measure and maintain data control, which could be key as AI moves into data collection solutions.

Data trustis is based on the third-party management model of “common law trust”. According to Element AI’s explanation in the white paper, these tools will be proposed as a way to give individuals more control over their personal information, balance the power and data rights between companies, governments, and individuals, and strengthen privacy protections to give the public the opportunity to share data and AI value.

Mozilla and Element AI hope to replace today’s broken, consistency-based data collection systems by creating data trust tools. In addition, they will fund and support AI-based legal and policy research.

Marc-Etienne Ouimette, head of policy and government relations at Element AI, said: “Artificial intelligence and machine learning (ML) algorithms offer great promise for our daily lives, from more efficient services to better healthcare. Working with Mozilla will support our work to meet urgent needs and ensure that AI products and solutions are responsibly deployed to provide companies, governments, and citizens with the appropriate tools and guidance they need. “

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