iOS 13.3 4th Beta Delivery: Continue fixing Bugs

The official version of iOS 13.3 is getting closer and closer, after all, they’ve turned off the validation channel for the iOS 13.2.2 system. Earlier today, Apple released the fourth beta version of iOS 13.3, this time without major new features, mainly to fix bugs, and to test the stability of the system. In fact, for Apple, the current system to eliminate small problems, let users use more stable than add new features is more important.

iOS 13.3 4th Beta Delivery: Continue fixing Bugs

iOS 13.3 adds communication restrictions to the screen usage time feature, allowing parents to control their children’s time on phone, text message, and FaceTime (emergency calls are always allowed, and communication restrictions are valid for 24 hours when the communication limit is turned on). )。 Apple recently released iOS 13.2.3, an update that primarily fixes issues where the app might not be able to download content in the background, and that Mail may not be able to get new messages and exchange accounts that can’t include and reference the original message content.

In addition, in the new beta system, Apple has added a feature that prevents Animoji and Memoji expressions from being displayed on the Emoji keyboard as an option, while edited videos can be saved for new videos, and so on.

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