Google plans to integrate package query tracking into search

Google announced a new feature in the search Thursday that will soon allow users to track the status of their packages,media outlet Neowin reported. Google is currently testing the tool through an early adopter program. Transportation companies can integrate their APIs to help customers view package-related information directly on Google Search.

Google plans to integrate package query tracking into search

The Mountain View-based company points out that searchisis is usually the first appeal of people looking to see the status of their online purchases. Soon, users can track their package by entering the package ID directly in the Google search display box. The relevant information will include the current location of the package and its estimated delivery date.

Google wants shipping companies participating in the program to submit RESTful JSON or XML APIs to return package tracking information. This information must be provided to Google. You can now open an application for the Early Adopter Program via this link. Users can also check the requirements here to see if they are eligible for the program.

Package tracking will be available in all countries where search functionality is available. However, Google has not said when it will launch the new feature.

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