Waymo driverless car app officially enters Apple App Store

Beijing time on December 6th morning news, the U.S. driverless car company Waymo officially launched the official application on the Apple App Store, making it easier to ride in such driverless taxis. A year after launching the Waymo One self-driving car service in the Phoenix area, the company is launching an app on iOS, the latest sign of its move toward large-scale commercial services.

Waymo driverless car app officially enters Apple App Store

Phoenix residents can now download the Waymo app to their iPhone and register it, and then call Waymo’s driverless car directly from their phone.

Waymo driverless car app officially enters Apple App Store

Waymo, a spin-off company owned by Alphabet, launched the driverless business service Waymo One in the Phoenix area in December 2018 for a limited audience. The service and the apps it comes with are only available to Phoenix residents participating in the Early Passenger Program. The scheme aims to provide driverless taxi services for audited regular passengers.

The company launched its app on the Google Play store in April. Now, a year after Waymo One launched, it’s finally in the App Store. Over the past few months, the company has improved the app, simplifying car reservations and speeding up the process. Users can order cars to sound horns in the app, which Waymo says could provide passengers, including people with poor vision, another way to find cars quickly.

All of these measures bring Waymo closer to providing more comprehensive business services, including driverless drivers. Until recently, all the acclaimed Waymo self-driving cars were equipped with a human safety officer. But the company began bringing fully driverless vehicles with no human safety personnel into the fleet since November.

Technically, Waymo has been rolling out Android and iOS apps for some time. Interested passengers can only access the app if they apply on the company’s website. Once accepted by the early passenger program, they receive a link to the app to download it to their device.

But even if the service can be downloaded and registered, it won’t make it immediate for users to use it, which is not a traditional uber or Lyft. Instead, potential passengers will be added to the waiting list. Once accepted, they can take a taxi in the app.

Users will first be invited to join Thewaymo’s Early Passenger Program, which requires a non-disclosure agreement before entering the public sector of Waymo One. After joining Waymo One, participants can invite guests and talk openly about their experiences. (

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