My World as YouTube Game King: 100.2 billion views

According tomedia, “Night of the Fort” may have dominated the game discussion in 2019, but YouTube’s Game King is another game, Minecraft. YouTube has published some of the most important game viewer statistics in its latest 2019 Rewind annual inventory video. Among them, “Roblox” video gained 29.6 billion views, “GTA” received nearly 40 billion views, “Fortress Night” received 60.9 billion views.

My World as YouTube Game King: 100.2 billion views

Minecraft, on the other hand, recently received a staggering 10.2 billion views, almost double the number of Fortnites, and it continues to dominate the game world on YouTube.

My World as YouTube Game King: 100.2 billion views

Minecraft has always had a great presence on YouTube, after all, the game has found a foothold in the tutorial video, and players can build their own world through this type of video.

There is no doubt that this year has been a special one. Minecraft overtook Fortnite in August to become the most searched game on YouTube since January 2017. Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, the most viewed creator on YouTube in 2019, has more than 4 billion channel views, and he has had its most successful month in years — more than 570 million views in July, thanks to the “YouTube” My world.

The entire YouTube community is following My World.

However, it is worth noting that there is a difference between the game that is the most watched and the game with the most topical ity. “Night of the Fortress” is undoubtedly the most talked about game in and out of the game.

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