(Pictured) Made In USA: Purism Push Us Librem 5 Phones Price $1999

To address supply chain safety issues, Purism announced that it will launch a special edition of Librem 5, which is manufactured and manufactured entirely in the United States. The biggest selling point of this phone is the company’s commitment to the safest and most personally protected smartphone on the market today, while making it entirely in the U.S. can meet consumer demand for higher usage.

(Pictured) Made In USA: Purism Push Us Librem 5 Phones Price $1999

Purism has previously launched a number of products, such as Linux laptops, and is known in the industry for its focus on security and privacy protection. Now, the company has decided to offer a special version of Librem 5 made in the United States, with components made by U.S. companies and assembled from the U.S. plant that previously produced Librem 5 devkits and Librem Key.

“Establishing a secure, auditable U.S. supply chain within the same plant, including parts procurement, manufacturing, testing, assembly and implementation, is the best safety case,” said Purism’s founder and CEO. By fully migrating the supply chain to our assembly and production floor, we are given direct supervision over every stage of production. “

It is reported that the US-made special edition of the Librem 5 is priced at $1999 and is open today on Purism’s official website, with all orders to be shipped in the third quarter of 2020. The regular Librem 5 is also currently accepted for bookings, retailing for $699, and current regular Librem 5 booking users can convert to a special Librem 5 without affecting order ordering.

Reservations: https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-usa/

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