When the phone becomes smart, it starts to hurt users.

According tomedia, people are more likely to think that smartphones make their lives better, and in some ways this may be true. On the other hand, smartphones seem to be hurting people’s health, not least because they suck up people’s souls and spit them out in a bunch of sorry tweets. The advent of smartphones is linked to head and neck injuries caused by the use of smartphones, according to a study published in JAMA.

The study is believed to have used data collected between 1998 and 2017.

Everyone knows that texting while driving is a dangerous thing. In addition, being distracted by a cell phone can be dangerous in other ways, with data showing that over-focusing on mobile phones is a risk factor for cuts, bruises and other head and neck injuries.

That’s not to say that old-fashioned feature phones aren’t a distraction, but the sharp increase in mobile-related injuries between 2007 and 2009 suggests that smartphones are more appealing.

When the phone becomes smart, it starts to hurt users.

It may not be surprising that most of the injuries occurred during this time in people aged 13 to 29, as this age group is an early adopter of smartphones. The proportion of injuries among men and women was 44% to 56%.

When the phone becomes smart, it starts to hurt users.

Notably, there is no official classification of equipment used by people who report injuries. For example, we can’t say with certainty that Apple’s iPhone is causing an increase in phone-related injuries. But there is no denying that in the first few years after the iPhone’s release, the number of injuries associated with it did rise sharply.

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