Call of Duty 16 appears with a vicious BUG that can’t be amended

In the latest Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare, players can get a special device in multiplayer mode, called a “tactical tag”, which players can throw at a specific location and, when killed, reborn at the tagset, killing the enemy in a surprise. It’s just that you’d better pay attention to where you lost.


In the process of resurrecting with the use of “tactical calibrators”, Reddit player Radi15 discovered the super BUG in Call of Duty 16: Modern Warfare, starting with the “tactical tag” thrown under the carrier and unable to be resurrected. The radi115, which could not be resurrected under the carrier, was resurrected beyond the edge of the map. In multiplayer games, if you run out of the map for unknown reasons, it will be considered in the no-go zone and automatically die after 5 seconds.


Yes, radi115 is because the calibrator fixed its rebirth position, so each resurrection is resurrected in the restricted area because of the cardBUG, and then 5 seconds later he dies, resurrected, and then dies, until the time of the calibrator is over.

This problem has some players encounter, there are players return close to the carrier is easy to reproduce this BUG, and IW developers came to the forum to say that in-house testing did not find this problem, promised to quickly solve the problem.

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