Unfortunate: The world’s largest treehouse, built for 12 years, burned down in 15 minutes

Harold Burgess, the world’s largest treehouse builder, has been receiving “condolence” calls in recent days, the newspaper reported. Because he spent 12 years building a 97-foot (30-meter) tree house in Crosville, Tennessee, in the United States, in about 15 minutes, burned into a pile of ash.


Cumberland County Fire Chief Trevor Kerley reportedly said it was too late when the fire brigade received a report of a fire on the morning of the 22nd. The cause of the fire is not immediately clear. There was no storm and no electricity for the tree house. “Everyone loves it, but it’s a fire hazard,” Corey said. “

In 2012, the tree house was closed to the public and later sold to someone else by Burgess. It has long been referred to by tourists as “the tree house of the wedding pastor”, and Burgess’s wife thinks the tree house is her husband’s “mistress”. For Burgess, a wedding pastor and landscape designer, the treehouse affected his life for decades, “and in a sense, its destruction was a relief.” “

Burgess reportedly spent 12 years building a tree house, nailing more than 250,000 nails with a nail gun and pressing about 500 pounds of nails into structural planks. The treehouse has a narrow bottom, fixed to a huge white oak tree, and winds into 15 nearby trees. There is also a bell tower on the spire of the tree house.

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