The linguist analyzed all the booze that the grandfather played in the “Rick and Morty” animation.

In the fan-sought “Rick and Morty” animated series, the grandfather seems to be playing wine all the time. To understand the nuances of normal narrating and drunken ness, researcher Brooke Kinder analyzed more than 200 audio slots. As the first interesting study in 60 years, she is definitely a hard core of her grandfather’s true love powder.

“Rick and Morty” (from: Adult Swim)

Linguists have long been confused about the transmission and exchange of information through voices such as grunts, gasps, and even hiccups.

According to the American Acoustics Society, Brooke Kinder’s research, which was discussed at the organization’s conference with San Diego on Thursday, offers new ideas for nonverbal sound research.

“No one has seriously tried to describe this type of acoustic characteristic in sound or language for the past 60 years,” Brooker Kinder himself said in a press release. However, the more studies have shown that such phenomena are of great importance to the language community.”

Screenshot of Praat Audio Analytics Software (from: Brooke Kidner, via Cnet)

As a Ph.D. student in linguistics at the University of Southern California, Brooke Kidner conducted an in-depth analysis of Mr. Rick’s various hiccup audio to strip the “jitter” and “flash” points of acoustic frequency and amplitude stability.

It was found to be “rumbling” at a relatively low 300Hz, 4% more jitter than normal speech, and 15% more flickering characteristics.

After sifting through more than 200 pieces of audio by quality, Brooke Kidner focused on more than 140 of the data and cross-referenced the eligible rough line section of the script.

She was then able to discover which sounds were made from the stomach and which were produced by other parts (such as Justin Roiland gasping for air).

Of course, as a fun study, she should have a deep dive with the director, the screenwriter, and rick and Morty’s voiceover (all of whom he does all by himself).

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