$19.9 million The world’s most expensive high-heeled shoes: pure gold heel set with 30 carats of diamonds

Italian designer Antonio Vietri recently unveiled a stylish high-heeled shoe in Dubai for $19.9 million,  euronews agency reported. Designer Vitri was designed and made in response to an order from Dubai’s mysterious rich. The shoes are now the world’s most expensive pair of high heels.

1990万美元 全球最贵高跟鞋:纯金鞋跟 镶30克拉钻石

The shoes were reportedly named “Moon Star” by italian designers and custom-made by mystery buyers from Dubai. During the UAE International Fashion Design Week, designer Vitri held a press conference for the exquisite work. The luxury pair of sky-high heels were then sent directly to customers by helicopter.

The famous Italian designer Vitri told reporters that his ideal “Moon Star” heels, in addition to pure gold heels, also include 30 carats of diamonds, as well as a meteorite fragment that fell in Argentina in 1576. It traded for $19.9 million.

According to reports, the famous Italian designer Vitri with the “moon star”, broke the British designer Debbie Wingham in 2017 set the world’s most expensive high-heeled shoes record. The high-heeled shoes designed by Wenham that year were ordered for $15 million.

The United Arab Emirates’ rich have long been obsessed with and courted for high-end Italian luxury goods, the report said. The designer Vitri’s masterpiece sats once again at the strength of Italian design and manufacturing.

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