Wang Jianzhou, former chairman of China Mobile: 5G’s main application is speed measurement

According to the news, china mobile,  china telecommunications, china Unicom , three operators will be on November 30, that is, tomorrow, officially open 5G commercial, 5G mobile phones are being listed, 5G package is also out. 5G is faster, has lower latency and has wider links, and is expected to have a wide range of applications in ioT IoT, autonomous driving, AI artificial intelligence, 4K/8K ultra-clear live streaming, and more, and even the Internet of Everything.

But the road needs to be step by step, now 5G can mainly be used for what?

On October 29th, at the 2019 Global Smart Logistics Summit, Wang Jianzhou, the former chairman of China Mobile, said that now because of the lack of special applications for 5G mobile phones, all those who use 5G, the most important application is to measure speed, everyone is more than their own speed. “

At this point, Wang Jianzhou also seems to be able to help but want to laugh.

As for how to measure speed, of course, it’s speedTest, which is very familiar. In the past, whether testing 4G speed or fixed-line broadband speed, SpeedTest is also the first choice, but has never been so hot, and so dense, so high-speed frequent testing, but also thanks to SpeedTest servers can survive.

Wang Jianzhou also mentioned a number, down 893 Mb/s, up 96 Mb/s, but did not say where to get, do not know whether he measured the mobile 5G peak.



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