Record downloads for the first month! Nintendo’s new mobile game

Four years after entering the mobile game  market, Nintendo,  has a new success. According to Sensor Tower’s report on Monday (October 28), Nintendo’s  Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded 123.9 million times in its first month, second only to Pokemon Go, which went live in July 2016. The latter was downloaded 163 million times in its first month.

It’s worth noting that since Pokemon Go isn’t a Nintendo-independent work, the “Mario Kart Tour”, which sells more than five times as much as Super Mario Run, officially takes the position of Nintendo’s hand-travel downloads.


In terms of revenue, the “Mario Kart Tour” earned $37.4 million in its first month, second only to Nintendo and first to “Fire Emblem Heroes” with $67.6 million in the first month.

However, the “Mario Kart Tour” to attract players’ ability to attract gold is not good, the average player only 0.26 u.s. dollars, far less than the release of the first month per capita gold of $16.5 action role-playing game “Dragalia Lost .”

Still, as early as last year, when the game was not officially launched, research firm NewZoo was confident that the game could eventually generate $1 billion in annual revenue for Nintendo.

This year, Nintendo has had a lot of “soft and hard” big moves: the cheap version of the host Switch Lite and the body-sensing fitness ring has attracted much attention

But in the mobile game market, Nintendo, which hopes to lure players to consoles, still faces stiff competition from popular games such as Fort Night and Wilderness Action.

It may not be remembered by much of anyone now that Nintendo was once a stubborn and undo-walking company during his time in office. But after his death, Nintendo “betrayed” him and chose to take a slice of the game.

After the success of Nintendo’s authorized Pokemon Go, Nintendo took out its own star IP, Maro, to create the parkour game “Super Mario Run.” Globally, the game was downloaded more than 10 million times on its first day.

In 2017, Nintendo unveiled another signature IP hand-traveling new book, “Fire Emblem Heroes.” With its own card pumping and social systems, the game became Nintendo’s first true gold-medal tour, earning more than $100 million in the first half of 2017 alone, while the “Super Mario Run”, which inherited the traditional game buy-out, earned less than a tenth of its revenue.

As of September 28, a few days after the launch of the Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo’s cumulative revenue has exceeded $1 billion, more than 60 percent of which comes from “Fire Emblem Heroes.”


Nintendo shares have risen about 26 per cent so far this year, helped by expectations that the game’s strong momentum will boost hardware sales. Nintendo rose more than 3 percent in early trading on Tuesday, its biggest intraday gain in more than two months, as the Switch platform,””new Super-Mario Brothers U Deluxe” passed the country’s State Administration of Press and Publication’s imported game review.


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